Convention Review Preview

Convention Review Preview - 3/16/2014

Well, I told y'all I'd be blogging or tweeting from my booth at the weekend's con, and that turned out to be a big old lie. I didn't have quite the Internet connectivity I thought I might have, and I ended up not transmitting any dispatches to the outside world. Sorry if you wasted your weekend waiting with bated breath for word from me. I still plan to jot down a few notes about the experience, but for tonight, I just need to rest. However, I want to make one note right away.

While I was at the con, I had a little display promoting my upcoming horror comic. In fact, here's a picture of my convention buddy Clay sitting behind that very display.

Throughout the show, I chatted up folks who stopped by my booth, telling them about the webcomic and, if they seemed game, the upcoming comic book. One fellow gave the display a long look and said, "Huh... I feel like I've heard of this somehow." For a moment, a delusional hope fluttered in my chest. Was word about my unreleased comic book spreading like *wildfire* through the convention center? Then today, I saw a couple walk by the display. One of them pointed out the title and the "Coming Soon" notice, and they gave each other happy smiles that indicated more anticipation than even the most cockeyed optimism could make me think I had caused.

That's when I started worrying.

Now, as much as the referential nature of some of my jokes might make you think otherwise, I actually do a pretty poor job of keeping my finger on the pulse beat of pop culture. But I *usually* do a better job of at least *googling* my jokes and titles to make sure nobody has used them. So when I got home today and googled "Winter's Tale," what I found had less to do with my dinky little comic and more to do with a big ole fancy Hollywood movie that came out in February of this year. It stars Will Smith! And Russell Crowe! I bet it busted *all* the blocks!

Now, my "Winters' Tale" refers to my pen name, "Evan Winters," which I hope will serve as proof enough for y'all that this was an honest mistake on my part. Grammar aficionados will notice that the apostrophe on my comic's cover was jacked up--ho ho! you are clever indeed!--but with any good luck, I can still bring you to believe that I was not, in fact, trying to steal Mr. Smith's thunder by using his movie's title.

So there's my first big takeaway from the con: I need a new comic title. M'kay. I haven't done anything but teased the old title with a four page sample, so I think this situation still falls under the "no blood, no foul" proviso that applies to... well, backyard football games for sure. Maybe to comic books. Dunno.

"Redacted: A Tale of Suspense and Horror"

For the moment, I got nothing. It's just shy of midnight on the last day of my first con, and I'm way past tired. Let's call it "TBA" for now. "The Comic Formerly Known As." Whatever. For now, it's just hanging fire. Tomorrow will be upon us in no time at all, and with tomorrow we'll have a fresh cartoon and a whole batch of new ideas. Maybe one of them will be a title.

One can only hope, eh?