Blog Post the First

Blog Post the First - 10/25/2013

Oh my dear friendly friends,

So here we are, nine and a half months into this project of mine, this Seven Billion Little Reasons. Nine and a half months! The gestation period of one really weird baby! I do hope you've had at least a little bit of fun with these cartoons. For me, it's been a hell of a learning experience. After years of dragging my feet, telling my friends and loved ones about all the cool projects I was gonna work on one day once video games stopped being so much fun and beer stopped being so deliciously drinkable, I finally have something underway--a project. A Project! Huzzah! Sticking by the time commitment has been something of a revelation to me. It turns out that if I quit screwing around, I actually can put twenty, sometimes thirty hours a week in on top of my regular gig and not lose my mind--or at least not do anything more drastic than misplace it for a little while. It's a tad humbling to realize that what would look to most people like nothing more than doodles and bathroom jokes has actually been a sort of renaissance for me. A renaissance of fart jokes. That's some midlife crisis, eh?

At the time of this writing, I'm in sort of a fun position: it's October the 24th, and as of this past Sunday, I have enough cartoons finished to get me through the rest of 2013 and into the first week of 2014, if my count is right. This is the largest toon buffer I've been able to generate for myself thus far, and to celebrate, I'm going to take the last two months of the year and spend them working on some other stuff. Specifically, I want to get back to work on a few prose projects I've played around with over the last few years (if you call them "novels," they turn back into pumpkins, so shhhhh). And what better time to hunker down into some fiction than late October, when the air turns crisp and outrageous colors sweep the landscape? Autumn is a fine time to disappear into some stories, but before I do I have two bits of 7BLR business to share.

Bit o' business one is this: TA-DA! I have a blog! This is it! As Madge used to say, "You're soaking in it!" Those of you who have been with 7BLR from the beginning will remember that I did a couple of prose heavy pieces early on in the game. Well, look for more pieces like that to find their way here, as well as chatty blog-type fare like what you are reading right now. I'm not making any promises about how often I'll update this or exactly what you should expect to find here, but here it is. My blog.

And bit o' business two: I have been planning for some time to take my 7BLR show on the road to some comic conventions, and I'm happy to say that my first con appearance will be this coming March 14-16 at the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention. I am going to be teaming up with a very cool buddy of mine to make some swag for this convention, and this is where you all come in. I have my own favorites, but one of the most interesting things about this first year of 7BLR has been seeing how y'all relate to the toons. I can never tell which ones will be get a response and which won't. So as I make these plans, I'd really like to get feedback from y'all about which toons you think would make the best convention swag. Be thinking here in terms of stickers (probably), t-shirts (maybe) and handmade letterpress prints (definitely... score!). And if you'd like to look back over the toons to get a fresh look at them, you will see that we now have an "Archive" link that will let you scroll through all of the material with ease. Those of you who are thinking, "Man, this would be a great opportunity for me to tell my humor-loving buddies about 7BLR and let them be able to scroll through the lulz real easy-like," well... duh! That's an awesome thing to do, so do that!

So, please, peruse the archive, then send me feedback about which toons you think would make the best swag. You can either contact me with an email through the "Contact" button, or you could drop your ideas on a Swag Thread that I will create on our Facebook page tomorrow.

And that, my friendlies, is all the news I've got for you. Let me take a moment to say here what I've said on the Facebook page before: I truly appreciate that y'all have been reading these cartoons. Seriously, every Facebook "like" is much more appreciated than I am comfortable admitting. I have no idea why my midlife crisis couldn't have been a sports car or Hair Club for Men instead of whatever the heck this is, but I'm beyond thrilled that you are sticking around while I work on it. Many thanks.

Rock thyself onward!